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  • CRM Hosting Video Presentation

    Date: 2010.09.22 | Category: Webinars | Response: 0

  • secureVirtual is getting noticed!

    Date: 2010.09.03 | Category: News | Response: 0

    Over the last few years we have focused on delivering hosting projects and grown organically through referrals and recommendations. We have been behind the scenes.

    Now though, with our latest large hosting deployment, things have changed.

    Have a look at our latest exposure in the press:
    Contact Centre World

  • The First secureVirtual Blog Post

    Date: 2010.04.28 | Category: Blog | Response: 0

    Hello and welcome to our first blog post.

    Over the coming months/years we are going to be posting regularly about the subjects that mean most to us and our clients. Cloud hosting/SaaS is still a very new technology and as such we get lots of questions about different services we provide and technologies we work with. So I am going to use this post to introduce us and what we do and then future posts will be more subject specific.

    Who are secureVirtual?

    We are a UK company with our main office in London who specialise in hosting business applications and systems using our cloud hosting platform (SVi). We were initially formed as a spin off from a Software Development house back in 2005. While developing software it became apparent that businesses were lacking an option to outsource their critical applications to someone who could provide the reliability they needed. As such we started investing into our own hosting platform in 2003, testing the virtualisation technologies and then after two years of research – launched secureVirtual in 05.

    Nowadays we are a highly experienced VMware cloud hosting company with some big success stories under our belt. We offer a range of hosting and consultancy services and work with Businesses who have an internal IT team and our Channel Partners. As one of the first companies to create a cloud hosting platform we have become a leader in VMware hosting and infrastructure design and are very proud of our 100% uptime hosting platform – SVi.

    Find out more on our About Us page

    What do secureVirtual do?

    To put simply we are a Cloud Hosting company. The term Cloud is still not that well defined, but for us we see it as the ability to make things available via the internet. We offer a wide range of hosting and consultancy services. Including Hosted Desktops, Application Hosting, Dedicated CRM, VMware Virtual servers and the wide array of consultancy skills you need to be able to make the most of these services in business. For the enterprise class business (By enterprise I mean businesses that need 100% available IT and have an internal IT team) we focus on creating highly secure private networks and provide mission critical hosting. For other businesses that don’t have internal IT teams we use our Channel Partner network to help – providing the enterprise class technology of SVi with the first line support of an expert partner.

    We also help software developers put their software in the cloud and offer the SaaS model to their customers.

    Find out more?

    One of our biggest values is to ensure we stay a technical company. It’s why over 80% of our team are technical. As such we like to meet people for a coffee and just discuss their technical problems. We then give free advice and a no stings attached opinion. Sometimes we can’t help, sometimes we can. But so far we have not had anyone who has not taken at least a little bit of useful knowledge away.

    So, if this subject interests you and you work in the UK, why not arrange to meet one of us for a coffee?

    I hope our blog posts are useful to you and please if you have any feedback – send us a message.

    Thanks for reading.